Europe launched a rocket on the Ukrainian engine

Европа запустила ракету на украинском двигателе

The launch of Vega

Vega put into orbit a satellite, Sentinel-2B.

The European space Agency launched a satellite, Sentinel-2B on the Vega rocket with Ukrainian engine, reports Arianespace.

The satellite was launched from Kourou in French Guiana in the framework of the Copernicus program, ESA implemented at the initiative of the European Commission.

The launch occurred on Tuesday, March 7, at 01.49 GMT (03.49 Kiev). From the upper (fourth) stage of the separation of 1,1-ton device occurred in about 58 minutes after the start of the media.

Sentinel-2B will monitor the status of the Earth’s surface and how it changes. The device is able to monitor the planet in the intervals of minus 53 degrees to 83 degrees of latitude, allowing you to shoot clear images of Europe in cloudless weather.

The satellite is equipped with solar panels, and its alleged limited lifespan of 12 years.

In 2015 was launched identical satellites – Sentinel-2A. In the future, monitoring system Sentinel is planned to add another pair of satellites.

Recall that in early December from Kourou in French Guiana took place on the successful launch of the European carrier rocket light class Vega with a Ukrainian engine.

And in September, Ukrainian engine lifted the rocket Vega to the satellite Google.

Light carrier Vega created by ESA and the Italian space Agency. For Vega Ukraine creates a sustainer engine RD-843. The unit is designed southern Design office, Yuzhmash manufactured.