European Commission: negotiations for a Brexit may be delayed

Еврокомиссия: Переговоры по Brexit могут затянуться

The EU believes that because of the elections, the negotiations may be postponed.

European Commissioner for budget günther Oettinger said that the negotiations with the UK after its exit from the EU might not start on time. It is connected with results of elections in the United Kingdom, quoted Oettinger edition Deutschlandfunk.

He expressed concern with the prospect of a “hung” Parliament in Britain, when no party receives a majority in the House of Commons.

“We need an effective government that can negotiate the results of the referendum in the United Kingdom by membership in the European Union. Otherwise there is a risk of poor performance and bad results for both sides,” – said Ettinger

He also added that the schedule of talks is very dense and will last until March 2019, but in the fall of 2018 should already be outlined in the agreement between the EU and Britain.

“Because until March still have approval in all 27 member States. Therefore, it is only 15-16 months. The British government is already lost because of the elections a lot of time,” said Oettinger.

Recall. earlier it was reported that Mae expects difficult negotiations with the EU Brexit.

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