European Federation of journalists said the act of censorship in Ukraine

Европейская федерация журналистов заявила об актах цензуры в Украине

The issue of blocking the site Корреспондент.net made at the international level

Block 17 online media, including news portals and blogger platform Корреспондент.net believe a violation of freedom of speech. A statement published on the platform of the Council of Europe on the protection of journalism.

European Federation of journalists (EFJ) on 18 September condemned acts of censorship in Ukraine and published the corresponding statement on the platform of the Council of Europe on the protection of journalism, the press service of the Federation.

EFJ General Secretary Ricardo gutiérrez considers blocking 17 online media, including news portals and blogger platform Корреспондент.net,, and of the violation of freedom of speech.

“I am very concerned that a number of online sources of information suddenly blocked in Ukraine. Even more alarming is the fact that publishers can’t protect their rights for appeals due to the delay tactics of some judges and prosecutors. Such actions have a negative impact on the level of freedom of expression in the country and on the country’s image on the world arena,” said Gutierrez .

“We urge the Ukrainian authorities to comply with the requirements of the European legal standards of freedom of expression,” added the General Secretary of the EFJ.

Recall, 23 July 2019, scandalous, the judge Sergey Vovk issued a decision which ordered the Ukrainian Internet service providers and mobile operators to block 18 web resources, among which was Корреспондент.net.

Note, through the courts trying to block the information – investigation of public activists to the Deputy chief of the Main investigation Department of the National police Eugene Shevtsov and his wife Alyona Degrik, which is engaged in the business.

For instance, the blogging site Корреспондент.net posted information about the persecution Shevtsov and Degrik human rights activist Victor Hare. She was the reason for the lock resource. The Rabbit law enforcement officers suspected of extorting money from Shevtsova.


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