European mission to mercury was launched

Европейская миссия стартовала к Меркурию

Launch of Ariane 5 rocket with the mission BepiColombo to mercury

From Kourou launched Ariane 5, which was sent to the seven-year flight mission BepiColombo to mercury.

Spacecraft are the first European mission to study mercury, BepiColombo on Saturday, October 20, was successfully launched from Kourou in French Guiana. Stream run was conducted on the website of the European space Agency.

The carrier rocket Ariane 5 takes two to mercury Orbiter. The probes reach the target by December 2025 and will stay in orbit for at least a year, collecting data on the composition, density, magnetic field and exosphere of mercury.

The European space Agency launched a mission BepiColombo, in partnership with the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency.

Liftoff of #Ariane5! #BepiColombo

Watch live:

— ESA (@esa) October 20, 2018

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the dark surface of mercury

Recall that in 2016, the closest planet to the Sun mercury made a pass between Earth and our star system.

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