European scientists have separated the homeopathy medicine

Европейские ученые отделили гомеопатию от медицины

European scientists spoke out against homeopathy

An important item on the European application was the allegation of direct harm done by homeopathy is consuming her people.

The Council of the European academies of Sciences from different countries, criticized homeopathy, and warned that advertising and the use of homeopathic products “can bring a lot of harm,” reads a 12-page document on.

The Council summarized the results of scientific studies, surveys and even a parliamentary report, which showed the futility of homeopathic remedies.

It is the extract from the report of the British Parlament, which affirms that “a systematic review and meta-analysis was finally prodemonstriroval that homeopathic products work no better than placebo”.

An important item on the European application was the allegation of direct harm homeopathy consuming. Utverjdenie about the safety of homeopathy is one of the main arguments of its adherents.

“The use of homeopathic medicines a patient can impede the search for more appropriate, evidence-informed medical treatment,” reads the document.

In addition, its use undermines people’s confidence in evidence-based medicine, in case “treatment” is useless.

Based on the above data, the Council issued recommendations to the member countries of the European Union regarding the advertising and sale of homeopathy.

For example, the national health organization should not cover the cost of homeopathic remedies and practices “until demonstrated their efficacy and safety through rigorous tests.”

In addition, any homeopathic remedies should be accompanied by a description of the active substances and concentraci in which they are present.

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