“Euroshare” threaten large-scale protests across Ukraine

"Евробляхеры" грозят масштабными протестами по всей Украине

Car owners on avtonomera made demands

Drivers of cars are on avtonomera, in particular, require that the clearing cost is not dependent on the year of manufacture of the car and were equal for all.

Activists from the movement of Euro Auto Power on Wednesday, 7 November blocked the government quarter, released a full list of their demands to the government on the page in Facebook. If their demands are not taken, they warn about possible protests throughout the country.

The main requirement of the protesters – to make the people’s amendment to the bill on the customs clearance of car.

In particular, activists demand to cancel the coefficient of excise duty, which depends on the age of imported cars. Drivers of cars are on avtonomera require that the clearing cost is not dependent on the year of manufacture of the car and were equal for all.

Movement Auto Euro Power stated that in the event of failure of their proposals, the protests “will cover the whole of Ukraine”.

“Thus, the new total available clearance is about 40% of the car on a regular basis for every Ukrainian,” – say the protesters.

Also one of the conditions of movement of the Car, the Euro Strength is the dialogue with Ministers and MPs and public discussion of amendments to bills concerning customs clearance that the MPs plan to consider tomorrow in the second reading.

In addition, the protesters supported the demand of lower fuel prices and investigate the activities of Ukrtransagent. Protesters threaten to continue to block the road until, until you fulfill all their conditions.

We will remind, today the owners of the cars on avtonomera and minibuses blocked traffic on Victory Avenue, supporting the event, which takes place in the center of the capital. Meanwhile, under the Cabinet gathered hundreds of motorists with their cars on avtonomera that actually blocked the government quarter.

And on the eve of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy supported and encouraged the Parliament to consider at the meeting of the two draft laws on the tax on import of cars with foreign registration.

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