Evening Prime 23.12.2016

Вечерний прайм 23.12.2016

Today in the “Evening Prime” will discuss the following topics:

Tragic the pension system or how to patch a hole in the Pension Fund?
– Where the Government will take the money to pay? And whether to wait for pensioners surprises “under the tree”?
– Two dead, three wounded. What is another escalation in the Donbas and why Putin began to blackmail Ukraine?
– Why fight the people’s representatives Keskar and Golovko and who shot the video Dmitry Linko?
About this and more in “Evening Prime” at 19:20. Take a chance to know more!

At 19:20 PM the program will be co-Chairman of the faction “Opposition bloc” in Parliament Yuriy Boyko.

20:15 the guests of the program will be the people’s deputies of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk (independent) and Andrew Teteruk ( “popular front”).

At 21:15 the guests of the program will be people’s deputies of Ukraine Mustafa Nayem (PPB) and semen Semenchenko (“Association “Samopomich”).

22:15 the guest of the program is the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of III, IV, VII convocations Oleg Tyagnibok.

23:15 the guests of the program will be the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Ilya Kiva and journalist Dmitry Gordon.