Evening Prime 24.05.2016

Вечерний прайм 24.05.2016

Today in “Prime Evening” will discuss the deficit of the pension budget and ways to overcome it, cope with “cleaning” the GPU of the American Prosecutor, and also will police the mission of the OSCE to stabilize the situation in the East of the country.

Immediately after the news release at 19:20 the guest Studio is a journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov.

20:15 – people’s deputies Serhiy Vlasenko and Paul Keskar.

21:15 – people’s deputies Borislav Birch, Vadim Denisenko and political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

22:15 – former Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun.

23:15 – ex-people’s Deputy Volodymyr Stretovych and the people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev.

Direct TV channel “112 Ukraine”: