Evening Prime 30.08.2016

Вечерний прайм 30.08.2016

Today in the “Evening Prime” will discuss the following topics:
– The high-profile resignation? Reform? The stabilization of the situation? Social protests? Re-election? What to expect from the Ukrainians of the new political season?
Secret and top secret. The attorney General Lutsenko told about the investigation regarding the outbreak of war Federation in Ukraine. The investigation has gathered more than 800 volumes of evidence and 100 tees. evidence. How to force the international community to take decisive action in defense of Ukraine?
– Moved again. Why the IMF has once again postponed the question of the allocation of the tranche to Ukraine?
About this and more in “Evening Prime” at 19:20. Take a chance to know more!

Prime Minister of Ukraine 2005-2006 Yuriy Yekhanurov in the “Evening Prime” TV channel “112 Ukraine” from 19:20 to 20:00:


20:15 the guests of the program will be the people’s deputies Eugene Moore and Nikolay Velickovic.
At 21:15 the guests of the program will be MPs Vadym Kryvenko, Olena Sotnyk and blogger Alexander Barabashka (KRUS).
22:15 the guest of the program will be attorney General 2002-2003, 2004-2005 and 2007, Svyatoslav Piskun.
23:15 the guests of the program will be the people’s Deputy Ivan krulko and political consultant Ruslan Bortnik.