Every fifth children’s camp found violations of sanitary norms

В каждом пятом детском лагере нашли нарушения санитарных норм

Sanitary norms are violated at 2283 camps

Violations related to the quality of drinking water, condition of the equipment in the kitchens, not aged a cooking technique, used forbidden foods and dishes.

The state foods and consumer service from the beginning of the season revealed violations of sanitary legislation in every fifth institution of improvement and rest of children. This was stated by the head of Department of state supervision over compliance with sanitary legislation of Gospodarevskaya Alla Grigorenko, reports on Monday, July 30, the press service of the Ministry.

It is noted that since the beginning of the Wellness campaign, the state foods and consumer service held 10,5 thousand inspections of compliance with sanitary legislation in the institutions of rehabilitation and recreation for children.

“Breach of sanitary legislation established in each of the fifth school – 2283 (22%) more than in 2017 – 17,6%,” – said in the message.

According to Grigorenko, identified violations were related to Nonconformance of drinking water to requirements of sanitary rules on the sanitary-chemical and bacteriological indicators, the lack of a consistent sample menu and food suppliers, carrying out disinfection measures, completion of repairs, improper status or the number of refrigeration and technological equipment in the kitchens, untimely passing of periodic preventive medical examinations of employees and work permit without going through medical examinations.

In addition, insufficiently controlled by the organization of child nutrition, including: non-compliance with sanitary-hygienic and antiepidemic regimes in kitchens, the sequence of production processes, violation of technology of preparation of ready meals, and use is prohibited in the institutions of rehabilitation of food, disturbances in the organization of the drinking regime, failure to comply with a two-week prospective menu, infringement of rules of storage of food products and daily samples, the absence of documents certifying the quality and safety of food products, the use of plastic ware is reusable, was not enough utensils, detergents and disinfectants, and the like.

In connection with the identified violations in June did not open 25 health/recreation. At the same time, without coordination with the state foods and consumer service were open 42 (in 2017 – three) health/rest.

In General, according to Grigorenko, since the beginning of the health promotion campaign was opened nearly 9.2 thousand institutions of rehabilitation and recreation, including 409 health and almost 8.8 thousand guests. Willingness to work in June, the healthcare institutions amounted to Ukraine’s average of 97.2%, the rest is 96,1%.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine will be more likely to check children’s camps. The reason for inspections was the incident at camp Hawk (Donetsk region), which indicates the poisoning of 91 persons.

And in July in the Kiev region in a private children’s camp poisoned 12 children, one child went into a coma.

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