Every third firm in Germany had been spying

Каждая третья фирма в Германии подвергалась шпионажу

The threat of espionage in 44% of cases come from competitors or foreign intelligence services

A victim of industrial espionage becomes every third company in Germany, many firms have no strategy to protect against this threat the results of the study.

Every third enterprise of small or medium-sized businesses in Germany were subjected to espionage by foreign States, competitors or their own employees. It should be released on Thursday, December 6, the results of the study, which was conducted by the Institute for foreign and international criminal law Society max Planck and Institute for systems and innovation Society named Fraunhofer.

Half researchers of companies said there was suspicion that their relationship was attempted espionage.

The threat of espionage in 44% of cases come from competitors or foreign intelligence services, the study said. In 34% of cases we are talking about the “inner spies”, which, however, represent the greatest danger, as familiar with the processes within the company and can evaluate the significance of classified information, the authors note. 15% of the total number of cases of espionage is the combination of surveillance “outside” and “inside”, for example, by the psychological impact on one of the employees with the aim of obtaining information.

At the same time, 20% of German firms have no strategy to protect from espionage, warned the study’s authors. The office for criminal Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg, note that in the case of suspicion of espionage there is no standard plan of action, so companies feel insecure and often are hesitant to seek support on the side.

Researchers point to a large amount of data that defy the statistics and therefore not taken into account. “The survey results show that no company can feel safe. Under attack may be all spheres of activity and all categories of enterprises”, – concluded the head of the project of the Society the name of Fraunhofer Esther Bollhoefer.

The study was based on data from all EU countries and Switzerland with the support of the Ministry of education of Germany and the assistance of the Saxon police Institute, and departments on criminal cases of Germany and Baden-württemberg.

Earlier it was reported that two military intelligence officers of China and six hackers trying to access systems to aerospace companies.

Source: Russian service of DW


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