Ex-Apple employee stole confidential technology company

Экс-сотрудник Apple украл секретные технологии компании

Zhang Xiaolan town stole data from Apple about the technology development of unmanned vehicles and intended to give them to Chinese companies Xiaopeng Motors.

A former employee of Apple Xiaolan town Zhang was detained at the airport in San Jose (California) on suspicion of theft of sensitive data of the Corporation on the development of unmanned vehicles, according to Bloomberg.

Engineer Zhang resigned from Apple in April 2018 for the Chinese Xiaopeng Motors. After that, the company noted the increased activity of the ex-employee on the Internet, as well as frequent visits to the office after dismissal.

Apple man suspected in the theft of intellectual property. July 7, Zhang was detained, the interrogation at the FBI, he confessed that he stole data on the technology development of unmanned vehicles and intended to convey them Xiaopeng Motors.

The representative of the Chinese company said that Zhang had not given them a secret Apple data and were dismissed as soon as it became aware of the incident.

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Earlier, Apple forbade employees to “merge” information under threat of dismissal.

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