Ex-ATU fighter received a four million fine for the broken military equipment

Экс-боец АТО получил четыре млн штрафа за разбитую военную технику

The military is obliged to compensate for damage fire installation

Drunken soldiers crashed into the fire installation in the woods and now needs to reimburse the losses caused to the state.

The court ruled that 3.9 million hryvnias with the former soldier for damage to self-propelled fire installation in the state of alcoholic intoxication in the area of ATO. On Tuesday, September 11, the press service of the Military Prosecutor’s office.

It is noted that the accused had committed the crime while serving in the ATO area in February 2015.

“During the service, being in an alcohol intoxication and illegally driving self-propelled fire installation, collided specified installation to the forest, resulting in corrupted by its products and mechanisms”, – is spoken in the message.

The Prosecutor sought to recover damages caused to the state in the amount of UAH 3.9 million.

The court recognized the “unqualified” arguments of the military Prosecutor and satisfied the claim of the prosecution in full.

Earlier it was reported that the military Prosecutor’s office opened a case for theft of 171 tons of fuel in Odessa.

Recall that in the Zhytomyr region exposed command of one of the units on the theft of 50 tons of fuel.


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