Ex-Berkut officers do not admit guilt in the murders

Экс-беркутовцы не признают вину в убийствах

“Berkutovets” on the lava defendants

In Kiev, continuing the session on the Euromaidan shootings.

At the court session, on Tuesday, may 24, in the events of Euromaidan all five suspects are former employees of a specialcompany of the Golden Eagle said they did not recognize his guilt in any of the alleged crimes. This is reported by Ukrainian news.

Having heard the article of the charge Paul Abroskin, Sergey Zinchenko, Oleh Janiszewski, Alexander marinchenko and Sergei Tatura, answering the judge’s questions, said that not guilty in the shooting of 48 people.

The defendants have declared their readiness to testify. Also Janiszewski and Tatura confirmed that have the status of participants of anti-terrorist operation.

The court then established the order of the proceedings, namely, initially will be studied the documents on the location and status of ex-Berkut officers at the time of the shooting of protesters, then the interrogation of the victims with the simultaneous study of materials for each episode, and then study other evidence, examination of witnesses and accused and the study of materials that characterize them.

Also today during the meeting of the Grand jury recused himself. The statement was written by all five jury.

They reported that during one court session the state pays them from 42 to 70 USD. Some jury for a year and did not have paid a penny. They consider the size of their salaries insufficient. In addition, in their opinion, 3 the court session in a week is too much load, as the law stipulates no more than 30 working days for jury duty per year.

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Dyachuk, the judge noted that the recusal satisfaction of all jurors will result in significant delays.

In this regard, the court decided to postpone consideration of the matter until 11:30 on may 27.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that a court extended the arrest of five former berkutova.

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