Ex-“berkutovets” will be delivered in Sviatoshynskyi court in the absence of force majeure, – Shkiryak

Экс-"беркутовцы" будут доставлены в Святошинский суд при отсутствии форс-мажоров, – Шкиряк

Zorian Shkiryak

Ex-“berkutovets” will be delivered to Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev, barring any force majeure. This was announced by adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak in broadcast television channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Of course, a court would be the law enforcers to ensure public order, and no doubt, we will do everything to ensure the smooth passage of the hearing. Law enforcement officers will as much as needed in the situation”, – said Shkiryak.

Adviser to the Minister added: “the Status of a Rostov court in this process for me and for all raises questions. Therefore, in our opinion, this decision is not entirely legitimate, and, no doubt, occurred under the pressure of Russia”.

“Barring any force majeure, ex-“berkutovets” will be delivered at the meeting”, – said Shkiryak.

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The adviser believes that one should not “make a big fuss over this event, because at the last press conference of Yanukovych, we already knew that he came here to speak”.

We will remind, on November 25 in the Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev videoconference was scheduled interrogation of Viktor Yanukovych in the case of 5 former employees of special forces “Berkut”. After the beginning of the session, the court announced a 20-minute break, because the defendants were not brought to the court: several dozen people blocked the departure of ex-“berkutovets” of Lukyanovka jail.

After the break, the court decided to postpone the questioning Yanukovych on November 28.

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych gave a press conference, which was held in Rostov. What was said at the press conference the ex-President, you can read the link.

All the details of the second attempt of videotapes Yanukovych read the online translation for 112.ua.