Ex-Consul General of Georgia, allegedly involved in the illegal finoperatsy, not working in RSA, – Saakashvili

Экс-генконсул Грузии, якобы причастный к незаконным финоперациям, не работает в ОГА, - Саакашвили

The head of the Odessa regional state administration (RSA), former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili said that today’s searches in the RSA were held in independence Day of Georgia. He stated this at a press conference, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today the independence Day of Georgia. Apparently decided to present a gift”, – Saakashvili said.

He stressed that the ex-Consul General of Georgia Mr. Teimuraz Nishnianidze, which, according to the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine involved in illegal financial transactions, not an employee of the Odessa regional state administration.

“This was our Consul General, who worked in Odessa, which does not work in my administration who has no office in my administration. He was charged that in 2011 to 2013, he designed wrong any taxes through your diplomatic status. And now, in 2016, due to the fact that in 2011 he did supposedly something wrong with the taxes, they went into the office where it doesn’t work, in which he sits, and they decided to search and arrest employees, to call the press and say that the room Saakashvili – searches”, – said the Governor of the Odessa region.

At the same time he Nishnianidze in the course of communication with journalists, said that the legal basis of these searches.

“I don’t know what it was for show on the fifth floor of the regional administration. No legal grounds of today’s searches had not. There is some resolution of the court of Pechersk district, which says it all, in addition to legal actions. They took, including my house, where I stayed, my personal belongings, cash in the area of 5 thousand dollars, which had nothing to do with this. In the decree it was stated about the seizure of documents associated with the Foundation. And then, yeah? I really hope the current attorney General, I hope that rotten “Shukinskaya” system is a thing of the past. Invite, I am ready to answer all questions. Nothing irregular is happening,” said Nishnianidze.

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In his opinion, in the searches there is some political background, the organizers of investigation “wanted to do the show”, but they failed.

Nishnianidze added that police officers who conducted searches, was 12, they were not submitted.

“I have no one introduced themselves, said they were prosecutors. I only learned shape – special forces “alpha”, had 12 people,” said Nishnianidze.

Earlier it became known that the building of the Odessa regional state administration, PGO and the SBU carried out a search. Local media, citing its own sources reported that the demonstrations in the office and the house assistant and adviser to the Governor of the Odessa region, the former General Consul of Georgia Teymuraz Nishnianidze, and also the place of registration of the Fund For the benefit of Odessa” (the business center on Uspenskaya street).

Saakashvili himself has called the raids a “political provocation” and said that he already discussed with the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and demanded immediate recall of investigators.

Later, the PGO said that the searches in the Odessa regional state administration are carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of illegal operations on the reimbursement of value added tax (VAT) officials of the Consulate General of Georgia in 2012-2013.