Ex-Deputy Matios sued the pension is 40 000 UAH

Экс-зам Матиоса через суд добился пенсии в 40 000 гривен

The court of appeal refused to consider the complaint of the Pension Fund

The former official was to receive 15 000 hryvnia.

The former Deputy chief military Prosecutor Vladimir Jarabacoa failed in court to make recalculation of their pension, increasing it from 15 000 to 40 000 UAH. This was reported in the TV program Scheme.

As noted, the algorithm is more than twice the highest pensions was the official appealed to the Pension Fund regarding the recalculation of pensions with a desire to get 90% of the new solid salary. That is, according to lawyers, he wanted the pension that the law for several years.

As the Prosecutor desired conversion is not received, he went to defend his right to more pension in the court, who stood on his side.

In turn, the right-Bank of the United management of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Kiev twice this recalculation resisted. First, the officials refused the Prosecutor in the desire to receive a higher pension, and subsequently filed an appeal against the decision of the court. The court of appeal for consideration of this complaint never came from.

After several visits of journalists to the court of appeals and complaints to the acting President of the court decree of April 21, 2016 was published.

From it finally became clear on what basis the judge made the Pension Fund is still to list a Prosecutor’s pension: due to invalid legislation.

As noted, 28 December 2014, a law was passed where it was determined that the government determines the order of recalculation of pensions for the prosecutors. The government still has not issued an appropriate ruling. And since the government’s decision about transfer in accordance with the law, which could be clearly referenced, it was not, it is a question of slack, and now, to decide such questions can only court.

“The case of the Prosecutor Zherbitskim – a precedent that could become an example for others: how to court to seek the appointment and recalculation of special pensions not provided for in current legislation. However, for this it is necessary to know the judge who will be ready to make a decision contrary to the existing norm of the law, and subsequently hide it from the public to avoid unnecessary issues,” – said in a TV program.

Recall that the size of pension in Ukraine will depend on the length of service and salary, but not from the position a person holds, and the occupational pensions will leave only the military and security forces.