Ex-General of NATO described the scenario of the Third world: Russia captures part of the Ukraine and the Baltic States

Экс-генерал НАТО описал сценарий Третьей мировой: РФ захватывает часть Украины и страны Балтии

The former Deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe General Richard Shirreff published “2017: the War with Russia: Urgent warning”. In the book he admits that the Russian forces have a few days to seize part of the Ukraine and the Baltic countries, reports “Voice of America”.

“This is not fiction. This prophecy is based on facts, is very closely modeled after what I know based on my position as a military insider at the highest and most informed level,” says the General in the Foreword of the book “2017: the War with Russia: Urgent warning”.

Shirreff believes that NATO and Russia are close to war and the Alliance may not be ready for lightning-fast action of Russia. Moscow, in turn, is able to bring the world to the threat of nuclear war.

News on topic: If Russia put missile strike in Ukraine – it will be the beginning of a third world war.

The journalist of the New York Review of Books by Robert Cottrell notes that the book is written in the spirit of the popular action movie and it has a lot of imagination.

Earlier, the US President-elect Donald trump said the threat of a Third world war because of the attempts to regain the Crimea.