Ex-Manager structure Poroshenko became the owner of the gas company

Экс-менеджер структуры Порошенко стал владельцем газовой компании

Company Arkona Gas Energy holds licenses for gas extraction in Ukraine

Oleg Alder departed 49,5% of the share capital of the company Arkona Gas-Energy, previously owned by offshore Ashburi Universal.

The main owner of one of the largest recipients of licenses for gas extraction in Ukraine, the company Arkona Gas-to-Energy was Oleg Alder.

This is reported Nashi Groshi citing data from the Unified state register of legal entities.

It is argued that Alder departed 49,5% of the share capital of the company, previously owned by offshore Ashburi Universal, registered in Belize.

Also Oleg Alder was the owner of the number of legal entities, mainly specialising in retail trading (LLC Retailers groups in Kharkov, OOO Retail inkorp in Chernivtsi, LTD Rishon DF in the winery, LTD New style for life in Kiev).

However, Alder was previously the Director of Sports complex the Monitor, the official beneficiary of which is the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and MP from the PPO Igor Kononenko. This company is registered at the address ul. Elektrikov, 29A, where there is a sports and leisure club, the 5th element.

It is noted that in the media Alder was mentioned as the Director of the 5 elements in 2004, when the club started to work. Journal Companion called him a co-owner of a bowling Strike, and Vitamin.

In 2005, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board 5 member was Igor Kononenko, who talked about a $ 20 million investment in the club, and Alder at the time, according Youcontrol, though resigned Director of Monitor, but was mentioned in the media as a “project Manager 5th element”.

In addition to Alder a share of 5% in the share capital of Gas-Energy owns Alex, Grebenichenko, which, according to the Scheme in the early 2000-ies he worked in OAO Ukroptkulttovary, the ultimate beneficial owner of which was and still is Peter Poroshenko.

Company Arkona Gas-to-Energy was founded after the election of Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine in November 2014. She was the only one, which of the Poltava regional Council, two years after independence agreed to the issuance of a special permit by the principle of approbation, when the firm can obtain a special permit without an auction, but only on the basis of purchased geological reconnaissance information.

In March 2018, NAB announced the opening of criminal proceedings on a possible violation of the law by officials Gosgeonedr upon issuance of a special permit Arkona Gas-Energy for the use of Svystunivka-Chervonokutskyy field.

After it became known that the Prosecutor General’s office tried to withdraw from the Arkona original documents in the case, which was interested in NABOO. This case the GPU is led by the Department for investigation of particularly important cases in the field of Economics, which is headed by Vladimir Gutsulyak.

The Prosecutor-General’s recently are unable to challenge in court the legality of the issuance of the Gas-to-Energy special permit for a 20-year use Svystunivka-Chervonokutskyy field in Poltava region.

Earlier it was reported that the company has found a way to increase gas extraction. It launches the pilot project of cooperation with oil and gas companies with modern technologies of intensification of oil production.

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