Ex-measure of Kherson of Balance, who was detained in the Dominican Republic, was arrested for 3 months.

Экс-мера Херсона Сальдо, задержанного в Доминикане, арестовали на 3 месяца, - СМИ

Ex-mayor of Kherson Volodymyr Saldo, who was detained in the Dominican Republic for alleged kidnapping, was arrested for 3 months. Comments about this in the Kherson edition “BRIDGE” said Denis Pashchenko, which allegedly is the person who was kidnapped by a Balance and is involved as a victim.

According to him, the court Balances refused to testify in his own defense.

“He has not made any such Declaration, and this despite the fact that he has been arrested more than a week! And yesterday he was given 3 months ‘ arrest, with the court hearing he refused any statements in his defense. Since he had nothing to say! The facts are there – he was arrested in my apartment at the time when he threatened my family, and was in the company of his bodyguard,” said he.

He also shared another video of the detention Balance.

Thus, according to Pashchenko, ex-mayor of Kherson in the Dominican Republic faces up to 30 years in prison for the alleged crimes.

He Balance in the comment “Mirror of week” said it kidnapped him, but he is not.

“In the Dominican Republic I arrived in June for a business meeting at the invitation of the inhabitant of Kherson Denis Pashchenko. Already in the Dominican Republic I was abducted, allegedly on the orders all the same person. Took away all personal belongings, money, mobile phones and a tablet, being confined, blindfolded. This went on for about 50 days. On hand I have constantly had cuffs on the legs also metal bracelets. The kidnappers used me to torture with a Taser, cold water, push on the pain points. Torture was a group of people allegedly specially hired by the organizer of the kidnapping. In some respects, I can assume that it is either ex-military or people with special training. The kidnappers demanded a ransom, the amount started with 200 thousand dollars. Then using my phones, the kidnappers made contact with my relatives and partners, fraudulently forcing them to give them the rights to a number of real estate”, – said Balance.

Himself, he denies all accusations and says that the Balance there is no evidence of this version, as evidenced by his silence on the court. In this case, Balance was trying to solve the problem without law enforcement.

“He personally called me on the phone trying to negotiate, offered money, I refused to cooperate! In the Dominican Republic there is only one official version of the arrest of Balance – he is accused of kidnapping (me), torture, and robbery! There is no other version about his alleged kidnapping.”, said Pashchenko.

Allegedly, he previously released recordings with a voice similar to former mayor of Kherson, who attest to its probable cooperation with the FSB. For this, according to Pashchenko, Balance it and kidnapped.

As reported, the former mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo was detained in the Dominican Republic.

We will remind, earlier the head of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” reported the existence of a recording of a conversation allegedly ex-Deputy and ex-mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo on cooperation with the FSB.

Editors of TV channel “112 Ukraine” got in touch with assistant Balance, and she noted that this entry is mounted, and reviews from personal Balances refrains, but the answer serves its advocates.

To this effect, the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that private conversations and only one little record to prove the guilt of the ex-mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo.