Ex-MP: Roshen Stores are guarded better than nuclear power plants

Экс-нардеп: Магазины Roshen охраняются лучше атомных электростанций

Oleinik warned about the rally near the Lenin smithy.

Former MP Volodymyr Oliynyk expressed surprise at the security Roshen. “The situation with Roshen security relates to national security of Ukraine. Shops Roshen guarded better than nuclear power plants…. Poroshenko himself healed “new” and in chocolate, and the Ukrainians gave only the old trouble, misery, destruction and civil war,” – wrote Oleinik on his page in Facebook.

He stressed that the Lipetsk factory is working and preparing for preservation and not for sale. “But here is still candy imported from Ukraine through the company “Russian transit”. For three years, Poroshenko paid to the budget of the Russian Federation called the aggressor country, 1 billion rubles in taxes,” – said Oleynik.

The former MP also said that since Poroshenko himself is not until the end performs signed the law on decommunisto, “we will soon support the action of conscious citizens of decommunization of the Lenin smithy”. “Poroshenko is a title de jure, changed, and de facto at the entrance of the enterprise with the inscription “Lenin’s smithy”. Do not order! The law should be the same for everyone,” added Olejnik.

Earlier the head of SBU Vasily Gritsak has declared that the former members of Party of regions who are hiding in Russia, is involved in organizing events to discredit Poroshenko by “candy riots” in Roshen.