Ex-NBU Governor: wage Growth in Ukraine kompensiruet their massive failure

Экс-глава НБУ: Рост зарплат в Украине компенсируется их массовой невыплатой

Arbuzov believes that the growth of wages is useless if it is not paid

Former Deputy Prime Minister believes that the government knowingly ignore the growing discontent of the Ukrainians.

In the economy, a new trend is widely touted wage growth kompensiruet them more mass non-payment. According gosstata in January-may of this year, nominal wages rose by 13.8%, while the amount owed on it – almost a third (29.5 per cent). These data were provided on his page on Facebook former head of NBU, former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.

“The problem of wage arrears in Ukraine cannot be considered a system, but this year the situation systematically deteriorated. Official statistics showed that on June 1, the total debt amounted to 2.3 billion UAH. More than half of this amount (UAH 1.25 billion.) formed at economically active enterprises. About one-third of the total amount of debt is owed by companies in a bankruptcy stage.
The total amount of salary arrears now amounts to 4.3% of may wages Fund in Ukraine. For comparison: on 1 January, the figure was 3,4%”, – he wrote.

Arbuzov reminded that from February began to rise again, debt under the salary in recalculation on one employee.

“If 1 Feb the average debt per person was $ 7770 UAH. on 1 June, has already 8625 UAH. At the same time the sectors of the economy, the situation is much more depressing: the average debt per person in the processing industry and Finance reaches almost 15 thousand UAH”, – said the former head of the banker.

In his opinion, the authorities should not so calmly refer to such disturbing trends of non-payment of wages. Since the discontent of workers is growing. This year there were 12 of 33 strikes and protests, and last respectively 3 and 65.

We will remind, on may 1, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that wage growth is finally outpacing the rise in prices.