Ex-player national team of Ukraine: Dnieper me actually abused

Экс-игрок сборной Украины: В Днепре надо мной фактически издевались

Denis Balanyuk

Denis Balanyuk said that is not going to return to the Dnieper and wants to get the status of a free agent.

Forward of the Dnieper selected in 2016 for the national team of Ukraine, Denis Balanyuk told MatchDay.ua that is seeking the status of a free agent and the club to not going back.

“I return to the river is not plan. It is possible. There, I owed wages for several months and a year to pay half the salary. The second half promised on the card in Latvia, but the promise was not fulfilled. Pay half of the amount prescribed in the contract.

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According to the rules of FIFA and UEFA, all players should become free agents because FIFA sent the Dnieper river in the lower division. So said my attorney. Everyone in the club knew that the Dnieper will be bankrupt, so I created a Dnepr-1.

Alas, but the contract itself is not given in the hands neither I nor my agent. Unfortunately, some people in the river to me bad attitude, in fact, mocked, but this will tell later, once the time comes.

My lawyer from Germany raised the issue of FederaI Ukrainian football, so I could have the status of a free agent under the rules of FIFA and UEFA. Dnepr violate them, so I don’t want to go back there. Now that question deals with my lawyer.

I hope this issue will be resolved as quickly as possible, because you need to find a job in the new club and play. I have the highest goals and the desire to once again draw the attention of the coaches of the national team of Ukraine”, – said the 20-year-old Balanyuk.

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