Ex-player of Goverla: How many times have I heard Shufrych promises

Экс-игрок Говерлы: Сколько раз я от Шуфрича слышал обещания

Feshchuk told about what is happening in the middle

Former player of Goverla Maksim Feshchuk has shared his vision of the situation in the club.

“For almost a year I’m not on the team, and even one with me not contacted. Me the debts for 14 months,” says feschuk.


“The owner of the mountain the money is there, he feels quite well. Just he has no desire to pay, so there is a constant, duilovo. How many times have I from Alexander Shufrich heard promises! Supposedly only come to the game. How many times have terrible hang noodles on the ears”.

“They say: did Not play, and the money requests… I 99 percent of matches Hoverla played for a year and a half stay at the club. Don’t see how playing on the team, guys like Dima Babenko. It’s probably need months for the 17”.


“If I was in Ukraine, we asked for it on some TV show. I would be so interested talked, for example, in a debate with Shufrich. Oh, I would kill him. Someone else to take? Believe me one is enough”, – considers ex-the player of Hoverla.

“Of course, a big minus to us because we suffered and believed. And too terrible to believe. And it turns out he also cheated, as the leaders of the club. In the middle of his already half a year do not pay, and he sits on – this is ridiculous! Ivan gets his money I’m sure. It is one hundred percent, it just wasn’t there. He is holding out on guys – no one is paid, and he gets his. Even saying, like, if lost a match, so I passed! Can the guys fine. There’s more circus than football,” – shared his opinion of the player.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the player of Hoverla intends to sue Igor Tsiganyk.

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