Ex-policeman, who was preparing the undermining of the passenger train in Kharkiv region, was sentenced to 5 years

Экс-милиционер, который готовил подрыв пассажирского поезда в Харьковской обл., осужден на 5 лет

Lozovsky gorrayonny court convicted a former employee of the police Department in the attempt to commit a terrorist act (section 2 of article 15 and part 1 of article 258 of the criminal code), reports the regional Prosecutor’s office.

“50-year-old ex-policeman sentenced to 5 years imprisonment”, – is told in the message.

Now the court decision has not entered into force, as time goes on appeal.

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Recall that in late February, a former police officer laid on a railway bridge on the stretch “Pavlograd – Lozovaya” an improvised explosive device. To undermine the attacker tried to use a 10-kilogram anti-tank mine TM-62 with a timer in the mobile phone. The explosion was pre-programmed at the time of passage of a passenger train Odessa – Konstantinovka, in which there were more than 500 passengers.