Ex-striker of Shakhtar: Sevilla lacks stability

Экс-форвард Шахтера: Севилье не хватает стабильности

Oleksiy Belik

The former Shakhtar forward Oleksiy Belik in the pre-match programme gave his opinion about the game of the Spaniards

Oleksiy Byelik was one of the key players in the confrontation of miner and Seville sample 2007. In the first match the striker earned a penalty, and in Donetsk recorded an assist, after which effectively distinguished Matuzalem.

– Alexey, how I think, what the Donetsk team was not enough for victory in the match with Sevilla?

– You know, we then, perhaps, for the first time appeared in a situation when the goalkeeper joined the attack. Now it is more common, and then everything was a wonder. Before the game Mircea Lucescu always appoints someone who needs to keep to the standards, and in that situation, guys just don’t understand – no one realized that I need to cover more and Palop. Yes, that is simply not enough concentration of attention and I was tired.

– Dani Alves, jesús Navas, Christian Poulsen and others: in 2007, for the selection of players miner was difficult to compete with the Seville. Now what is the balance of power?

– I can say that Shakhtar since that time has grown, has become more than a great team. As part of Andalusi has changed dramatically. He doesn’t exactly become weaker or stronger, just now building a new team. And for the year, as we know, this will not do. In Seville frequent rotation, that probably means the coach has not yet found an optimal line-up.

And what miner should expect from the team that re-formed?

– Sevilla lacks stability, as evidenced by the results in the championship. View from the start of the season in all 16 away matches a team cannot win. Yes, Sevilla have won the last two Europa League, but after big wins leading players notice and invite to other clubs. So all the time you need to bring something new to the game. Here the “miners”, for example, are now beginning to perform well at home and on the road. In this we need to look for advantage.

– All around say that Sevilla is a good draw for Shakhtar.

– I think so too. Villarreal – uncomfortable opponent for Shakhtar. It is an organized and rigorous team, which will not allow even the strongest opponent to show their football. As for Liverpool, the match against Dortmund, we all saw the nature of this club, and the support of the crowd in England is crazy. And at Seville, on the contrary, there are problems. Remember the game against athletic in the Europa League quarterfinals. On departure wards Unai emery won with the score 2:1 and could in the second leg to bring the case to its logical end, but in the end it got to hassle with the shootout. It is clear that weak teams in this stage of the tournament left, but andaloussi still the most preferred option for the Pitmen.

Sevilla on the background of success in the Europa League in the domestic League is not as successful. Why, in your opinion?

– So for the team situation. If the same Villarreal almost secured a place in the Champions League, Sevilla can do that via the Europa League. Naturally, andaloussi bet to win the tournament below, as with last season, to get to the group stage of the Champions League through the back door”. Well, Shakhtar, everything else, should be aware of the revenge.

We will remind, the first match of 1/2 final of the Europa League Shakhtar Donetsk – Sevilla will take place on 28 April in Lviv. Live this match will show TV channel Ukraine.


We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available a text online broadcast of the match, which will start at 22:05.

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Экс-форвард Шахтера: Севилье не хватает стабильности

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