Ex-world champion Russian Rahkiv retired boxer

Экс-чемпион мира россиянин Рахкиев завершил карьеру боксера

Rakhim Chakhkiev said that it is not able to realize his potential.

Ex-world champion in the first heavy weight under version IBO, Olympic champion 2008 Rakhim Chakhkiev has decided to end his career.

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“I quit Boxing, I gave him 20 years, it is time. For 12 years I dedicated to Amateur Boxing, has reached its highest point, becoming an Olympic champion. In professional Boxing I also have good results, I think. But of course, I could not fully realize themselves, I would like more, but nothing, there are many other arenas

I will continue to live sports, but I don’t think you’ll be able to show something. Logically it is wrong to try to win some title, competing with young, my best years have already passed. Although I still have something to show, but I consider it necessary to complete the performance,” said Chakhkiev.

34-year-old Rakhim Chakhkiev Olympic champion 2008, world champion under version IBO in the weight category up 90,71 kg.

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