Exactly threw away a thousand loaves of bread

Под Ровно выбросили тысячу буханок хлеба

Near international highway threw out thousands of loaves of bread

In the Rivne region, close to the international route threw out thousands of loaves of bread with mold. The loaves visible Lviv marking.

In Radivilovsky district, Rivne region wasel international highway Kyiv-Chop unknown threw away a thousand loaves of bread from one of the bakeries in Lviv, Rivne reports 1.

When it happened, according to media reports, is not known. Found the mountains spoiled bread to the local farmers, who started field work. Judging by the dates of manufacture of the product for more than a month and it was made in Lviv. How long is this bread in the village, no one knows.

“The rural Council is in shock. The Lviv debris on their fields they have become accustomed. Carriers had previously dumped here mountains of waste residents of the city. But the bread here see for the first time. Don’t even know now where to put it”, – reports the edition.

Police found two complaints from citizens. Now understand, whose bread and who was left here.

In Zhitomir protesters blocked the highway from Lvov debris

Earlier in Zhytomyr oblast has discovered 90 tons of garbage from the city.



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