Except Donbas. Where else is “worried” province

Кроме Донбасса. Где еще "волнуется" провинция

In Odessa the police strictly prevented clashes between supporters of anti-Maidan and right-wing radicals

In some regions of Ukraine there are conflicts that can acquire global for the country.

In Ukraine except for Donbas has developed a number of conflict situations in other regions of the country.

Today it became known that in the Rivne region were entered force National guard to prevent illegal mining of amber.

The so-called “Amber the Republic” is a Ukrainian global problem that damages the environment and creates a real region of lawlessness in the middle of the country.

Correspondent.net gathered several problematic history of the Ukrainian region.

Amber of war

About illegal mining of amber in Rivne region say for two years, but to stop illegal mining have so far failed.

In the forests of Rivne in fact created a state within a state that are not subject to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and laws.

So, at the end of March, due to fighting with illegal miners suffered more than 10 police officers. Militiamen found in the tract Smetnik illegal production of amber. At the time of departure from the natural boundary almost a thousand people in balaclavas and camouflage uniforms, armed with wooden bats, stones, sticks, blocked the road with fallen trees and resisted the police.

“An angry mob began throwing stones and improvised means, shoot still from an unidentified weapon, and appeal to beat of law enforcement officers and an official car”, – noted in police.

All this time the miners swore foul language and shouted: “What are doing here? This is our land! We washed and will wash! Don’t come here anymore!”.

The conflict was resolved only after the use by police of non-lethal weapons.

In early April North of the Rivne region to combat illegal mining of amber arrived fighters of special forces of the interior Ministry “Dnepr-1”. Soon to help them were sent the National guard troops.

Transcarpathian separatism

In the Transcarpathian region caused a scandal because of the conversion of the regional Council to the state leadership’s call to accelerate the introduction of amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization.

In the appeal of the regional MPs asked “to urgently amend the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine for the purpose of departure from a centralized management model, the ability and authority of local self-government, building an effective system of territorial organization of power in Ukraine, the full realization of the provisions of the European Charter of local self-governance, principles of subsidiarity, ubiquity, financial and material self-sufficiency of local self-government”.

The address also mentions that at the referendum of 1 December 1991 78.6% of Transcarpathians voted “for” the proclamation of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine of special self-governing territories as a subject as part of an independent Ukraine.

The local press has already announced that the deputies asking for autonomy, however, the Chairman of the regional Council Mikhail revis explained that autonomy.

“The appeal of the regional Council no requests for autonomy, there is a request to accelerate the decentralization process. Is that declared Petr Alekseevich, going in Ukraine, this is something that was supported by Volodymyr Groysman, who as first Deputy Prime Minister, began a process of decentralization of power and continued in office by the speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine”, – said Mikhail revis.

The Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal appealed to the District administrative court demanding to recognize the results of the regional referendum of 1 December 1991, on which was raised the issue of granting the region special status.

“If in 25 years none of the patriots are not thought of in a judicial order to recognise legally insignificant inspired by the then KGB and Communists “will” and related decisions of the regional Council, which sought to undermine the situation in Ukraine, it will be done by me. After the court decision, the referendum result can be discarded to the dustbin of history of Transcarpathia”, – said Moskal.

New clashes in Odessa

Clashes and fights ended in Odessa the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazis.

A scuffle occurred between Pro-Russian activists and supporters of right-wing radical movements. Clashes erupted after the provocateurs brought flowers with St. George’s ribbons and the flag of Russia.

The police strictly prevented clashes between opponents and detained several people.

The war for the land in Kherson region

In Kherson region the local farmers have entered a hard power conflict for almost five hundred hectares of agricultural land in the Village area.

Director and lawyers of the both companies claim to have documented the right to lease this land.

April 14 on the road next to the controversial field came to blows, during which, in the course went the knives and threat of use of firearms.