Exchange offices Turchynov avoid tax – media

Обменные пункты Турчинова избегают налоговой - СМИ

Exchangers Turchynov avoid tax

Currency exchange in these exchangers is carried out without cash registers.

A network of more than thousands of currency exchange, owned by close to the head of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov and the people’s Deputy “popular front” Ruslan Lukyanchuk persons, does not give tax statements, write Nashi Groshi.

According to journalists, in spite of the legislation, the currency exchange in these exchangers is carried out without cash registers, i.e., without granting automatic tax reporting to DFS.

It is reported that Ilona Brody, his girlfriend MP Lukyanchuk, is the man who recorded the exchange of financial companies ABSOLYUT Finans and Mogul.

The number of exchange offices of the two companies is about a quarter of all licensed exchange offices of Ukraine.

The offices of these companies Brody has received from mother-in-law of the head of the national security Council Alexander Turchinov – Tamara Beliy.

Offices spelled out another foreign exchange company “Oktava” Finance – companies with identical Brody website and the same chief accountant.

The Director of “Octave Finans” is the head of another company of the exchange business, is registered at the oldest family office Turchinov-Belibov – on Turovskaya street in Kiev.

It is noted that according to official data of the National Bank, the company “Magnat”, “Octave” and “absolute” are more than 1,200 exchange offices of the three and a half thousand legal exchange of Ukraine.

Earlier media reports showed the luxurious mansions of the family Turchinov. Also note that the salary of Oleksandr Turchynov for December 2016 was 50 to 760 hryvnias.