“Exhaust scandal”: in the substitution data suspect Opel

"Выхлопной скандал": в подмене данных подозревают Opel

Car 2016 Geneva motor show – Opel model Astra

Following the Opel Zafira, suspicion fell on the Opel Astra model.

In the scandal surrounding the manipulation of the exhaust of automobile engines are increasingly retracts and German carmaker Opel. After the family car Opel Zafira fell under suspicion and mass model Opel Astra. This follows from published on Friday, may 13, the results of a joint investigation conducted by Der Spiegel magazine, public-legal media company ARD and non-governmental organization for environmental protection of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe.

In the investigation of computer expert from lübeck Felix Domke analyzed the secret program code of software for motor control, developed by parent group Opel – General Motors, and found out that this software runs a program to clean up exhaust only when outside temperature is 17 degrees. This software is also often purposefully stops the program exhaust without any technical need.

For his part, the Advisor to Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Axel Friedrich has tested the Opel Astra, released just a few months ago, using a mobile meter of exhaust and found that in peak periods the model gives the exhaust that exceeds the allowable limit of eight.

The German government will check cars Opel

The Minister of transport of Germany, Alexander Dobrindt reported that the Commission established to investigate oil companies in the Volkswagen group (VW), will now draw attention to the Opel. The Ministry of environmental protection of Germany stressed that the shutdown cleanup, exhaust should occur only in very exceptional cases, since it exists “to protect the health, not engines”.

Opel rejected the charges against him. “Isolated insights of a single hacker does not reflect the entire complex structure of the modern system exhaust”, – reads the statement of the automaker. On may 12, the representative of Opel said that the software is of the concern was never designed to “manipulate or cheat”.

The Opel Astra is for the concern of special importance. The sales of this model depends, will it be possible for the group to become profitable this year.

Source: Russian service of DW