Expensive purchase. How much of the country is Privat

Дорогая покупка. Сколько для страны стоит Приват

The financial aspect of the nationalization of PrivatBank.

Nationalized PrivatBank received UAH 15 billion from Natsionalnogo Bank.

In 2014-2015, NBU allocated private refinancing, which Bank is also not given.

Now pour in Privat going another 140 billion hryvnia.

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Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova said that on Monday, December 19, the NBU has allocated PrivatBank 15 billion hryvnia.

“We have supported Bank liquidity in the amount of about 15 billion hryvnia. Tomorrow the Bank will provide cash collection cash machines. All who have a current card account in PrivatBank, will be able to dispose of them” − said Rozhkov.

She stressed that the risk of panic in connection with the nationalization of PrivatBank minimized.

Refinance in 2014

After the Maidan PrivatBank has become the major recipient of the refinancing from the national Bank.

In 2014, the Bank received 19 billion hryvnia.

MIA led the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of appropriation of individual officials PrivatBank funds of the NBU allocated for the refinancing of this Bank.

According to the investigation, the Bank in 2014, after receipt of the refinancing, the security of property rights for goods, loans issued in sizes 18-73 million dollars the Ukrainian (more than 40) and international (over 50) companies.

And these companies have entered into questionable transactions and transferred these funds to accounts of non-residents Teamtrend limited, Trade point limited agro, Collyer limited, Rossyan investing corp, Zao ukrtransitservice ltd, Milbert ventures inc., by 100% advance payment with the purpose, allegedly, of receipt of goods.

Delivery of goods is still not implemented. The money is not returned.

Refinance in 2015

In January and February 2015 PrivatBank was allocated to the stabilization loans in the amount of 2.38 and 2.28 billion hryvnia, respectively to ensure the timely fulfillment by the Bank of its obligations to depositors — natural persons.

On 12 March, the NBU has issued a stabilization loan to PrivatBank, totaling 1,215 billion.

How much is the nationalization of

After the nationalization of PrivatBank, the elimination of the capital deficit of the Bank will be held in several stages.

In the first phase, the state will issue bonds for 43 billion hryvnias. This is the first tranche. The maximum amount of capital increase of 148 billion hryvnia, and the minimum 116 billion.

The exact number we will know the results of the audit of the Bank.

How much to pay each

Nationalized PrivatBank will cost each Ukrainian more than 3 thousand hryvnias, said MP of Ukraine, former Minister of Finance Victor Pynzenyk.

“We have a bottomless pit. First climb in this barrel and eventually the barrel is returned by means of the citizens. Because everything that is happening in the country comes from the pockets of citizens. And the figure that is announced, I moved more down to earth. PrivatBank will cost every citizen more than 3 thousand hryvnias”, — he said.

“To every man: a small child, retired, working and so forth,” — said the Deputy.

According to Pynzenyk, the bonds “will be merchandised in a place where money nemeryannom — National Bank.”

“He do not have money, but the Bank has the right to come up with the money as he wants,” he added.

Political analyst Viktor Taran counted a different amount. According to him, every Ukrainian citizen will have to give up in your budget from the sum of 2 thousand hryvnias in order to keep Privat.

Former Minister of revenues and duties of Ukraine Alexander Klimenko claims that every Ukrainian PrivatBank nationalization will cost about 5-7 thousand hryvnia.