Expert: Messi took heavy doping

Эксперт: Месси принимал тяжелый допинг

Because of the low growth Messi was forced to eat hormones

The leader of Barcelona Lionel Messi on the advice of doctors used growth hormone is one of the banned substances in the sport.

“Heavy doping (steroids) to football also applies. One of the most popular is nandrolone. It caught Frank de Boer, Jaap Stam, Couto, the late Valentin Belkevich, well, Messi. Lionel legally used (unknown informed if now) one of the worst doping — growth hormone“, – said the expert in the field of illicit substances Igor Nekrashevich.

“Messi was born with the syndrome of growth hormone deficiency and was the runt. If after admission to Barcelona he would not have started urgently to get injections of this hormone, it wouldn’t grow higher than 140 cm. In General, for medical reasons allowed“, – explained the expert of the reasons for the use of Argentine hormones.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Liverpool defender is suspected of doping and suspended from football for a month.

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