Expert: miner may repeat the fate of the Dynamo, if we underestimate Alexandria

Эксперт: Шахтер может повторить судьбу Динамо, если недооценит Александрию

Miner – Alexandria

Ex-striker of the national team of Ukraine Ivan Getsko estimated the teams ‘ chances of reaching the final of the Ukrainian Cup.

“Of course, I want to see a spectacular final. And in that respect may be better served by Shakhtar and Dnipro. But, on the other hand, why can’t there be surprises in this life? Football just interesting for its unpredictability.

Here if a miner again underestimate Alexandria, the miners may well repeat the fate of the Dynamo. But even if we treat the match with all responsibility, the easy walk will not. According to the game condition, the Donetsk team certainly deserve the Cup of Ukraine.

Waiting for revenge from Dawn that the team will find the strength to play better and reach the final. Although, of course, go ahead and take trophy worthy and Dnipro. For the team it would be some rehabilitation during the season, after all, was expecting much more,” said Mr. Gecko.

Recall, the return match of 1/2 final Cup of Ukraine Zorya – Dnipro and Shakhtar Donetsk – Alexandria will take place may 11.

On SPORTS bigmir)net at 17:00 will be available to stream of the match Zarya – Dnipro, and from 19:30 will be held text online broadcast of the match Shakhtar Donetsk – Alexandria.

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