Experts called the cost of Christmas buffet

Salad Herring under a fur coat will cost 120,22 UAH 1.5 kg

Christmas table 2020 will cost Ukrainians in 1620 UAH. Three kg of salad will cost 140 UAH.

A festive table for the New 2020 for the Ukrainian family of 4 will cost an average of 1620 UAH. This was reported by the press service of the National scientific center Institute of agrarian Economics with reference to the words of the Director Yuri lupenko.

“The Ukrainian average cost of Christmas buffet in 2020 for the Ukrainian family of 4 will increase compared to the cost of Christmas buffet-2019 only 5.6% and will be 1620,70 UAH”, – he said.

According to Lupenko for evaluation was taken new year’s eve menu of dishes that are traditional for the table of the average Ukrainian family: salads, meat and fish products, vegetables, fruits, bakery and confectionery products, drinks and the like.

According to scientists of Institute of agricultural Economics, 3 kg of salad traditional recipe will cost 140 UAH. This is 7.9% more than in the celebration of the New 2019. The most expensive ingredient of the dish is the sausage for the price of an average between 58.50 UAH per 0.5 kg.

A bit cheaper – 120,22 UAH – will cost the salad Herring under a fur coat (1,5 kg). It’s only 1.6% more than a “coat” of the New 2019. The lion’s share of the cost of the salad will be herring – 100 UAH per 0.5 kg.

Also, according to experts, the total value of about 2,5 kg of meat products (by 0.5 kg of Salami, smoked podbreziny and pork cue ball and 1 kg fresh chicken fillets) on the Christmas table will be 362,50 UAH. A loaf of white bread (1 kg) – 22,57 UAH, and chocolates – 170 UAH per 1 kg.

The cost of vegetables on the Christmas table, according to calculations of Institute of agricultural Economics, will be, on average, 181,71 UAH (cucumbers (0,5 kg) of 19.67 UAH, fresh tomatoes (1 kg) – 32,92 UAH). The fruit on the festive table will cost $ 93 UAH.

“2 kg of mandarins pay 60 UAH, 1 kg of bananas cost an average of 25 UAH, lemon (200 g) – 8 UAH”, – said the expert.

Artemovskaya a bottle of champagne (0.75 l) will cost 100 UAH. One and a half times more – 160 UAH will have to pay for a bottle (0,5 l) brandy 5 year old of Ukrainian origin. In this case, soft drinks will cost UAH 76,60 is 2 liters of juice, 1.5 l of mineral water and 2 liters of soda.

Relatively delicacies – a jar of red caviar (120 g) will cost UAH 250, and 200 g of red fish – 220 UAH.

“Therefore, the cost of Christmas buffet with delicacies will rise to 2090,70 UAH”, – said Lupenko.

He also added that the cost of the budget version of the Christmas table in Kiev will be 1784 UAH, which is 8.3% more than the cost of the Christmas table 2019. Table with delicacies could cost the residents of the capital in 2294 UAH.

Previously, experts reported that new year party with alcohol for four people will cost about 1300 UAH. If we add delicacies caviar and red fish, you will have to pay more than 2 thousand hryvnia.

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