Experts: gas Prices will fall

Эксперты: Цены на автогаз будут падать

Gas will be cheaper

Prices have peaked and returned to normal in two weeks.

The price of liquefied petroleum gas has passed the peak value, the stabilization of the market with the consequent decrease of prices is expected in late September – early October. So say market participants and experts, according to enkorr.

“I can say with certainty that the peak is passed. Question – at what level do we stop? I think in a week or two we will see the price on the stele in the area of 14 UAH/liter,” – said the owner of the network of filling stations KLO Igor Cherniavsky.

The head of the company GT Group Vladislav Kolodyazhniy agree that wholesale gas prices peaked at 29 thousand UAH/t in the coming weeks there will be a market correction. But stabilization is expected by the end of next month.

“Peak price is 29 thousand UAH/t. I’m sure this week will begin the market correction is a natural event… But do not expect price drop in 2 days, we look at the end of September – beginning of October, when two vector – reduce consumption and increase supply – will meet among themselves and will stabilize the market, and then it rolled back to their previous values. And in winter, if oil prices do not rise, we generally see the prices of the previous year’s level”, – said Vladislav Kolodyazhniy.

Earlier, the expert said the reason the cost of gas at the pump.

The AMC will investigate the growth of prices on autogas