Experts have called the value of the Great Barrier reef

Эксперты назвали стоимость Большого Барьерного рифа

The present value of reef – $ 42 billion.

At Deloitte have estimated the direct and indirect profit, which brings the existence of Australia’s Great Barrier reef. The calculation of the economic, social and cultural values of the reef allowed experts estimated the market value of the world’s largest living organism.

The present value of reef – $ 42 billion. Every year he brings the economy of Australia 4.8 billion dollars and delivers 64 thousand jobs, talk to Deloitte.

Furthermore, the existence of the reef provides research material for scientists, attracted to Australia of tourists, increasing the profits of airlines, and gives a number of advantages to the national economy.

“As the largest living organism in the world, and one of the most diverse and complex ecosystems on the planet, the Great barrier reef is considered priceless and irreplaceable,” the study says.

Note, the great barrier reef in recent years, suffering from “bleaching.” It is because of its corals lose their zooxanthellae. This individual organisms, living in symbiosis with corals. When the coral is subjected to stress or potentially hazardous exposure, the zooxanthellae leave it.

This is what happens with the Great Barrier reef is the second year in a row, scientists believe. Researchers believe that the process threatens the very existence of the reef.

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