Experts have called the world’s best diet

Эксперты назвали лучшую в мире диету

Named the best diet

It involves the rejection of salt and sugar, and fatty foods.

Nutritionists of the U. S. News and World Report has identified the most effective diet of the now recognized in the United States. Diet called DASH, a recognized leader, provides for the rejection of salt and sugar, and fatty foods, it is written on the website of the National Institute of heart, lung and blood.

The rejection of salt and sugar can be either partial (reduced consumption), and complete. It is necessary to eliminate from the diet foods that have a high fat content.

If you adhere to this diet noticed a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. According to experts, the effect of this diet is better than many drugs.

The leading position of the DASH diet was shared with the Mediterranean, helping to reduce weight, improve brain and heart and prevent the risk of diabetes and cancer.

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