Experts have identified 82 fraudulent website in the Ukrainian Internet

Специалисты выявили 82 мошеннических сайта в украинском интернете

The fraud in the networks have become more sophisticated

The crooks in the Ukrainian Internet has diversified their schemes, say experts.

This year in Ukraine, experts have already documented 82 phishing website is a fraudulent web resource where criminals under the guise of providing non-existent services to convince users to enter sensitive data of their payment cards and thereby access to the accounts of citizens and stealing money. This reports the press service of the Ukrainian interbank Association of payment systems members “EMA”.

“If we compare statistics for the first half of 2017, with the figures for the same period of the previous year, the number of phishing sites has decreased by 29.5%,” – said in the Association.

Meanwhile, experts note that despite the statistical decrease in phishing sites, fraud schemes become more sophisticated.

“Cyber criminals are increasingly making websites with a secure connection, referred to by the acronym https in the address bar. The key here is the letter s: its absence (if it says http, not https) is a sign of phishing website. Now, the presence of “s” is not a guarantee that the page is safe,” – said the press service.

Scammers adopt new “service”: employment (remote work), getting online loan, sell tickets. “To get a paycheck needed to provide all the necessary data of payment card: not only the number but also the expiration date, three digit CVV2/CVC2 security code from back of card”, – told the experts.

It is noted that one of the last examples of the activities of criminals in 2017 was the launch of the phishing Internet site clone service Privat24, website lured passwords to Privat24.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that frequent methods of fraud, when fraudsters send fake emails from banks and under the guise of employees of financial institutions will receive data to access accounts.