Explosions in balakliia. No victims

Взрывы в Балаклее. Жертв и пострадавших нет

The fire continues for third Arsenal.

According to preliminary data, victims as a result of explosions and fire in artillery warehouses of the Ministry of defense under the Balakleya of Kharkov region, no. This was announced by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak at a press briefing on Thursday, March 23.

According to him, the fire continues to burn in the open part of the warehouse where mostly tank shells. “The explosions at this time, continues… the Fire is not liquidated, it continues to one third of the total Arsenal,” – said Poltorak, adding that the exact area covered by the fire of the warehouses, he can’t call due to the dynamically changing situation.

The Minister also confirmed that the cause of the fire and explosions of ammunition in warehouses in Balakleya was a diversion. “One of the versions, it’s a diversion, including, and dropping an explosive device with UAVs,” said Poltorak.

Recall that in a radius of 40 kilometres from burning warehouses in Balakleya in Kharkiv region has banned flights to localize and extinguish the fire.

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