Explosions in Ichnya: 38 evacuate settlements

Взрывы в Ичне: эвакуируют 38 населенных пунктов

In Ichnia and Prilutsky areas is the evacuation

In the region deployed 18 collection points of evacuation. Authorities are asking people to help with food and clothing.

In connection with the explosion on the sixth Arsenal of ammunition in the Chernihiv region to evacuate residents of the 38 settlements Ichnya and Prilutsky areas. This reports the press service of the Chernihiv regional state administration on Tuesday, October 9.

“At Arsenal ammunition storage in Friendship village, Ichnya district October 9, 2018 at 3:30 there was a fire. Started evacuation of some settlements and Prilutsky Ichnya districts”, – stated in the message.

Evacuation takes place from 31 settlements ichnyansky district – town of Ichnya, town of Friendship, sat down, Avhustivka, Bezvodivka, Buda, hornbeams, Luchkivka, Pelyukhivka, Chervone, Burimka, bezborod’ko, Shilovichi, Olshana, New Olshana, tarasivka Hmyryanka, Gorodnya, Huzhivka, Zaudaika, Korshaky, Monastyryshche, Veprik, SEZ’ky, Heitsi, Dziubivka, Kolomiytseva, Tyshkivka, Khaienky, Voronivka, Kykoly.

Also evacuated people from 7 rural settlements of Prilutsky district – Forest village, Strelníky, Obychiv, Zaudaika, rad’kivka, Wheelys, Leuke.

In the region deployed 18 collection points of evacuation. Earlier it was reported that already evacuated 10 thousand people.

It is noted that to ensure that the victims needed food, water, warm clothes, hygiene products.

The Secretariat of the head of the Department of health Chernihiv oblast state administration Petro Garmash RBC-Ukraine reported that as a result of explosion of ammunition depots “63 people from Ichnya went to the hospital with poor health, is through the smoke. Some of them had already gone home, some of them are still being processed. Physical injuries no.”

As reported, the explosions on the territory of 6 Arsenal in Ichnia began on the night of October 9. In place already is the chief of staff. Is evacuation of people. Deployed the headquarters of the emergency incident.

Due to incident closed the airspace in a radius of 20 km from the scene. Also in the district suspended the movement of rail and road transport.


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