Explosions in the Chernihiv oblast: the population of Ichnya fully evacuated

Взрывы в Черниговской области: население Ични полностью эвакуировали

Evacuees took Nizhyn school

Took out everyone who was in the hospital, and also children who were in the city and the settlements, said the Deputy head of Chernihiv regional state administration.

The population of Ichnya of Chernihiv region were completely evacuated. On Tuesday, October 9, during the briefing said the Deputy head of Chernihiv regional state administration Sergey Sergienko, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

According to him, was timely information about the evacuation.

“The population removed. There are some people who at one time hid not been in touch. Now there are some cases when we involve the military equipment and take out people from places of locations in the affected area. On the spot, when I arrived the regional Commission, almost the entire population was evacuated. Were involved and volunteer. Traveled almost every back yard and people gathered. Took out everyone who was in the hospital. Took the kids, who were in the town and settlements,” – said Sergienko.

As reported by the County news, a part of evacuated people took Nizhyn school №3, №9, №15, №16, №17.

The Central headquarters of the evacuation in the beautiful ancient city turned on the Central square near the city Executive Committee. Currently still accepting people, their registration and disbanding the schools.

Earlier it was reported that the police recorded 37 cases of citizens in connection with the incident in the Chernihiv region.

We will remind, explosions in 6 of Arsenal in Ichnia began on the night of October 9. Is evacuation of people.

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