Express to Borispol broke the second time in a week.

Экспресс в Борисполь сломался второй раз за неделю – соцсети

The failure occurred near the station.

The engine of the Express was able to run, but he still couldn’t budge. Therefore, it is hitched to the locomotive.

Express train from Kiev to Borispol airport for the second time in a week broke down in the middle of the road. This was reported by the passenger train Mikhail Makarenko on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, 4 December.

According to him, the failure occurred near the station Darnitsa. The engine stalled and stopped running.

“The train Kiev-Borispol airport stalled on the stretch.-Pharmaceutical. Do not start the engine. Stand on the stage”, – he wrote.

Later, in messages under the post Makarenko added that the engine, in the end, were able to run, but the Express still could not budge and it hitched a helper locomotive.

“The delay was about 30 minutes. 620M-0011 pulled M62 (locomotive – ed.). The people at the airport asked me to wait for the next, but then started in 0011. In a few minutes the driver asked people to move to the next train arrived and apologized,” – said the passenger.

It is unknown whether the passengers had on their flights.

Comments from Ukrzaliznytsya in fact, today’s incident with the Express yet.

Recall, November 30 Express train from Kiev railway station to the airport Borispol launched in the presence of top leadership of Ukraine. Test drive the Express, was held on October 25.

But December 1 Express to Borispol broke. The driver told the passengers that there is a problem with the engine.

Then Ukrzaliznytsia said that investigating the reasons for technical failure of Express Kyiv-Boryspil. The company noted that every effort will be made to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

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