Extortionist during his detention, he injured two police Rivne

During detention the offender inflicted chemical burns are two of the operative of criminal investigation Department of the city of Rivne. This reports the press service of the Rivne police.

“In the Central city hospital with chemical burns of eyes turned 26-year-old and 30-year-old detective of the criminal investigation Department. After providing medical care of police officers sent home,” the message reads.

The police went to the scene after received reports of extortion and beating four attackers 20-year-old resident of Rivne. Workers of police managed to bring one of the criminals and the victim on the street. During the detention of the extortioner sprayed tear gas into the eyes of two police officers and began to run. He was caught and taken to the Rivne police Department. The culprit was a 20-year-old resident Goshchansky district, Rivne region. His accomplices managed to escape. The attacker charged under part 2 St. 186 (robbery) of the criminal code of Ukraine and part 2 of article 2 342 of the criminal code of Ukraine.