Exxon accused of manipulating data about climate change

Exxon обвинили в манипулировании данными об изменении климата

From Exxon require the disclosure of additional documentation and testimony.

The largest oil company in the world Exxon Mobil Corp. could lead investors astray on the impact of climate change on its activities, as the used internal parameters, different from her public statements. This is stated in the materials that the attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman filed Friday, 2 June.

Over several years of investigation, the Prosecutor’s office in new York, collected documents and other information that cast doubt on the reliability of forecasts of potential future costs of Exxon in connection with changes of the legislation on greenhouse gas emissions, writes The Wall Street Journal.

In addition to the Prosecutor’s office in new York, this aspect of the activities of the oil giant and its related practice, is interested in the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) US.

Now Schneiderman in court Exxon requires the disclosure of additional documentation and testimony. The investigation covers the activities of the company since the end of 1970-ies.

Prosecutors also suspect that the company deliberately understated the risks of climate change in their public statements and sponsored research, proving the absence of such changes.

Last year, the Supreme court of new Hampshire upheld the penalty Exxon Mobil for polluting the environment in 236 million dollars.