Facebook accused of illegally collecting data on children

Facebook обвинили в незаконном сборе данных о детях

American social network is accused of illegally collecting data on children using a mobile Messenger app Kids.

A coalition of groups to protect the rights of children and consumers Wednesday, 3 October, accused the us company Facebook in an illegal gathering of data on children using their mobile Messenger app Kids. This publication reports The Hill.

In particular, in the complaint filed by the Federal trade Commission (FTC), Campaign for commercial-free childhood (CCFC) and other organizations, it is argued that information about privacy practices was too vague, which allows Facebook to share data about children with third parties.

According to the groups, Messenger, Kids breaking the Law on the protection of children’s privacy online (COPPA) because it does not guarantee that an adult who gives the child permission to use the application, actually is the guardian of the user.

“At that time, as there is evidence that excessive use of social networks negatively affects the well-being of children and adolescents, Facebook is trying to attract children under five years. They tell parents that Kids Messenger designed for safe use by children, but they don’t even answer the most basic requirements of the privacy act. Best choice for parents is obvious: keep children away from Facebook”, – said the Executive Director of CCFC Josh Golin.

As you know, Facebook has introduced a service in December that is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old, too young to create an account on the social network. The app allows children to communicate with other users Messenger Kids and requires parents to set up an account.

In the complaint emphasized that the mechanism of consent application can be easily fooled, which allows the child to easily bypass it and create an account without the help of parents or adults to create fake child account.

Earlier, Facebook announced that hackers have found a vulnerability in the code of the social network and gained access to 50 million accounts. It was about the ability to access accounts via the function to Look like. Facebook now faces more than $ 1.6 billion fine for hacking accounts.

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