Facebook admitted in which data is collected about users

В Facebook признались, какие данные собирают о пользователях

The company said that they can get information about users from third-party companies. We are talking about the actions online and offline.

Guide Facebook has provided written answers to the questions that mark Zuckerberg could not or did not have time to comment during the hearings in the us Congress. This is stated in the letter representatives of the company, which published the U.S. Congress, writes European true on Wednesday, June 13.

So, Facebook collects the following information:

– time, frequency, and duration of activity in the window tab of the social network (including information about how open it is in the background);

– purchases made on third party sites;

plugins in the user’s browser;

movement of the cursor on the device;

– use the built-in camera application Facebook;

– photo metadata (including time and place);

– installed applications;

– the names and types of files on the user’s device;

– the identifiers of the applications;

– the amount of free space on the device;

contacts from the directory of the user;

– call log and history MS Android devices;

the nearest access point Wi-Fi and cellular connection;

– information mobile and landline providers using computers, phones, related TVs and other devices in the network;

– battery level of the device;

settings and permissions on the device;

– information and photos of other users, as well as the frequency of interaction and communication with them.

In Facebook added that he also can obtain information about users from third-party companies. We are talking about the actions online and offline, but what exactly, is not specified.

Earlier media reported that the company Facebook has provided a number of firms access to the data of its users.

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