Facebook and Microsoft will be laid on the bottom of the Atlantic cable, with a record speed of data transfer

Facebook и Microsoft проложат по дну Атлантики кабель с рекордной скоростью передачи данных

Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp. launch a joint project for laying on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean 6.6 thousand km of cable, the data transfer rate which will be a record at the moment, reports USA Today.

The project was named MAREA (from Spanish “the wave”, “tide”), the cable will stretch from the coast of Virginia in the United States to Bilbao Spain.

The project cost is estimated at $ 15 billion, in financing it will take part of the telecommunications group AT&T and Sprint. European partner of the project was the “daughter” of the Spanish Telefonica – Telxius with experience in laying submarine cables.

MAREA will resemble an ordinary garden hose and will consist of eight fiber pairs. As expected, the data transfer speed will be a record currently up to 160 TB per second. Due to the new capacities the company intends to provide quick uninterrupted access to cloud services.

Many believe that the Internet traffic between the continents is provided by satellites, but in fact, this type of linkage is not sufficiently reliable and has a drawback in the form of time delays. Regular cables are cheaper and better. Now two-thirds of cables laid along the bottom of the Atlantic, are used to transfer data by private companies.

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Recall that in 2010 Google invested in the Unity cable laying on the bottom of the Pacific ocean between the US and Japan. At the moment, Google either already involved or plans to bring five cables at the bottom of the seas or oceans. Microsoft plans four such cable, Facebook – two, Amazon is one. And this is only officially confirmed data. Actually there are talks about an increasing number of such projects.