Facebook fined for breach of privacy

Facebook оштрафовали за нарушение конфиденциальности

In Spain social network Facebook fined for illegal use of user data.

In Spain for violation of privacy act the company Facebook was fined 1.2 million euros. This decision was taken by the local data protection Agency (AEPD).

The Agency notes that Facebook collects personal data “for advertising purposes without consent”. Data, which operates the social network relate, in particular, the ideology of the users, their sex, religious beliefs, and personal tastes.

It is noted that Facebook does not clearly inform the user why he needs this information.

The network owners have already announced their intention to appeal the decision on the penalty. According to the company, users choose what information to add to their profiles, and share this information with other users.

“We do not use this information for the targeting of advertising”, – said the representative of Facebook.

Previously, Facebook has banned pages which have repeatedly spread false messages, promote their accounts in social networks.


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