Facebook has blocked 200 applications because of the surveillance scandal

Facebook заблокировал 200 приложений из-за скандала со слежкой

The social network has suspended the work of almost 200 applications have access to a large number of user information.

Social network Facebook has suspended the work of almost 200 applications have access to a large amount of user data. On Monday, may 14, according to Reuters.

Provided that this is done in the investigation of possible abuse of user data, which began after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

As you know, March around Facebook scandal due to the leakage of user data the social network. As it turned out, the analyst firm Cambridge Analytica data received over 50 million users of the social network and could use this information for political advertising.

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg admitted the mistake and promised that all programs who had access to a large amount of data will be carefully investigated.

At the beginning of may in Cambridge Analytica announced the termination of activity of the company in connection with the loss of customers and multiple lawsuits.

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